so where are the fics that stiles meets the dreamy firefighter!derek after being rescued from a playground castle with a girl he knew from high school in his first night in los angeles?

Disclaimer: I don’t watch new girl which means I’m going off gif sets and screen caps here. I’m also only halfway through my first coffee of the day. Oh yeah, this gon’ be guuurd.

When Stiles was sixteen he’d had to ferry Scott’s chemistry homework home to him for a week after Scott’d fallen out of Allison Argent’s bedroom window while trying not to be caught having sex.

Stiles has never, ever let him forget it. Because that shit was hilarious.

This? Oh god, Scott is never allowed to find out about this.

"How’re you feeling?"

Stiles grunts. “Hungover.”

Oh boy is he hungover. On the up side he has something to blame the ah… lack of upside on. Though it’d be just his luck to develop erectile disfunction at nineteen.

"I’m not surprised," the voice says. "Aiden pulled an empty bottle of Jack out of there."

Oh Jesus, the whole bottle? “Cool, you have something to brain me with,” Stiles says.

The voice huffs a laugh and Stiles rears back a little when a bottle of water is shoved under his nose. “Um,” he says, glancing up. “Tha-” Stiles’ voice dies. Just dies. Probably because it’s been burned up in the face of Voice Dude’s mind-melting hotness. “-nks,” Stiles finishes, weakly.

Voice Dude nods and tugs the blanket around Stiles’ shoulders more securely into place. Because Voice Dude is a firefighter. Oh my god, he’s got the suspenders and everything. It’s like Stiles has fallen into one of those charity calendars.

Stiles makes a wounded noise and tries not to face-plant Voice Dude’s crotch, which is like, right there.

"Wow," Stiles says, clutching the bottle with numb fingers. "I’m definitely gay."

Voice Dude freezes and huh, Stiles would have thought he’d hit his embarrassment quota for the year with the whole kids castle, sex-fail thing but apparently no-

"Good to know," Voice Dude says.

Stiles looks up and- wow, yeah, that’s just fucking unfair. No one over ten has ears that blush. No one. Grown-ass humans are not supposed to hold that level of disgustingly cute.

Voice Dude smiles – a small, stupid thing that shouldn’t hit Stiles as low down as it does. “Drink that,” he says, tapping the bottle in Stiles’ hand. Or actually, tapping Stiles’ fingers that are around the bottle. “It’ll make you feel better.”

- - -

Stiles will never, ever stop groaning whenever their first meeting story comes up at parties. On the up side, it does give him an excuse to bury his face in Derek’s neck and breathe him in while he laughs.

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